Frequently Asked Questions

In this section I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please ask it in the Telegram.

What is a “point” in CommunityPower EA?

How to set the correct GMT and DST for your broker?

How to attach indicators to the chart? Where can I get indicators?

I’ve installed and launched the EA as described above. Is it working?

Yes, it is. Just check the smile in the right upper corner of the chart:

So when I launch the EA it already has the indicators built in, right?

Yes, all indicators are built into EA. You don’t need to install anything else.

Stochastic/RSI levels after the test differ from Signal levels I set in the EA settings. What’s wrong?

These are just indicator draw settings, EA can’t change them. But EA works correctly (with signal levels you’ve set), just check signals.

Should I drag all indicators to the chart while EA is working?

No, you shouldn’t.

EA doesn’t open any trades! I see only “Trade by experts is disabled!” and “ERROR #133 (trade is disabled)” messages in the expert log.

This is a restriction from your broker. Ask your broker to allow trading by EAs or change your broker.

Can’t load EA (Error #4200)

To use templates with EA attached:

  • Launch and configure the ea
  • delete all objects from chart (including hidden objects)
  • save the template
  • Then you can load this template to any chart

GVManager: WARNING! Too long GV name

If you get Alert like this:

GVManager: WARNING! Too long GV name (“20674884 CommunityPower MT5 3041 BE_Alerted_S”)

Rename the EA with a shorter name (for example, “CP MT5” instead of “CommunityPower MT5 3041”).

To find the EA file, use the File -> Open Data Folder menu, then go to *MQL5\Experts* folder.