What is a “point” in CommunityPower EA?

What does “StopLoss = 250 points” mean?

All parameters nominated in points use standard 4-digits points (for 4- and 5-digits symbols) and 2-digits points (for 2- and 3-digits symbols).

For example, point size for EURUSD and GBPUSD is 0.00010. Point size for EURJPY and USDJPY is 0.010.

StopLoss = 250 points means that SL will be set 250 points (250*0.0001 = 0.02500) away from the deal open price (or from the last martingale deal open price, if martingale is enabled).

For example, if you have Buy EURUSD at 1.23456, StopLoss will be at 1.20956 (1.23456 - 250*0.0001 = 1.20956).

If you have Sell USDJPY at 110.220, StopLoss will be at 112.72 (110.220 + 250*0.01 = 112.72).

StopLoss is drawn on the chart by magenta line, zoom out to find the line: what-is-a-point.gif