How it works

CommunityPower — is the EA made by the community. So, what does the development process look like?


We discuss all ideas in the Telegram group (in English).

Please, read the pinned message at first visit. It contains the rules and useful links.

Add your ideas

We add new suggestions to the Community forum.

You must register and confirm the email (set the password) to add new topics/comments.

To add your idea, go to the Suggestions section and press the New idea button. Then add a Header, describe your idea (screenshots are very appreciated!), choose Category and press Submit:

Please, check for possible duplicates before adding a new topic!


We vote for the suggestions to be implemented in the next version of EA on the same UserEcho forum. To add your vote, open the topic, click “Thumb up” and choose how much do you like this idea:

To cancel your vote just click on the votes number:

You must register and confirm the email (set the password) to have a voice.


After all, I implement new functions to the EA, upload it to the market and to the Telegram channel, add a short description to the Versions history page, and we go to the backtesting and optimization.


Most interesting strategies can be shared at the Community forum. Other members can backtest your set-file with other brokers, suggest improvements, etc.

Threads with set-files can also be voted on the forum, so you can find the most popular strategies or become the most popular author!