(starting from v2.12)

Anti-martingale means opening new deals in the same direction, but on the profit side.

After each new deal is opened, SL is moved to the new level.

Anti-martingale type

Type of anti-martingale strategy used. Can be enabled or disabled.

Max trades

Max anti-martingale deals in series.

New deal on the end of the bar only

(starting from v2.58)

If enabled, Step condition is checked using last bar Close price (+ current spread for buy-orders). So, only 1 trade per bar is allowed and all trades are opened on the beginning of the bar.

Min pause between trades (in bars of Signal TF)

(starting from v2.52)

Anti-martingale deal can be opened only if previous trade in this direction was opened at least Min pause bars before (bars from Signal TimeFrame are used).

Set 0 to disable this filter.

Use martingale signal for anti-martin trades

(starting from v2.52)

If true, anti-martingale trades can be opened only on signals with Open martin on… enabled.

Lot increasing mode

(starting from v2.20)

Can be one of the following:

  • Sum: previous lot + adding [1-2-3-4-5-…]
  • Fibo: previous lot + pre-previous lot [1-1-2-3-5-8-…]
  • Martin: previous lot * coeff [1-2-4-8-16-…]
  • Martin Sum (starting from v2.29): previous lots sum * coeff [1-2-6-18-54-…]
  • Logistic Growth (starting from v2.30): lot is calculated using logistic growth formula (between Start Lot and Max Lot with average size at order x0, where x0 is specified by parameter “Lot coefficient / adding / x0”)
  • Soft Martin (starting from v2.32): previous lot * coeff - previous lot [1-1-2-4-8-…] (Initial discussion is here)
  • Custom lot coefficients (starting from v2.33): user-defined coefficient sequence (see Custom lot coefficients parameter below)

Lot coefficient / adding / x0

Lot coefficient / adding / x0 for 2nd and next deals lot calculation.

Custom lot coefficients

(starting from v2.33)

User-defined coefficient sequence for Custom lot coefficients increasing mode. Coefficients should be separated by comma. Max allowed string length - 63 symbols.

For example: sequence “1.0,2.0,3.0” with start lot 0.1 will cause a series with lots: 0.1 (first deal) - 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.3 - 0.3 - …

Step size

Step size (in points or like coefficient to Volatility)

Step size calc mode

(starting from v2.31)

Step can be set:

Step increase coefficient

Step increase coefficient for 2nd and all next martingale deals.

For example, with Step size = 20 points and Step increase coefficient = 1.5, distances between orders in anti-martingale series will be 20 - 30 - 45 - 67.5 - 101.3 and so on

Set 0 to disable step change (starting from v2.54)

Min step size (points)

(starting from v2.29)

Minimum step size (in points) (what is a “point”?).

Calculated step can’t be smaller than the Min step size value.


Anti-StopLoss size

StopLoss applies to the series after the anti-martingale strategy is activated (2nd order in series is opened).

Can be negative (when calculated from average price) (starting from v2.20)

Anti-StopLoss reduce size, Anti-StopLoss reduce coefficient and Min Anti-StopLoss size

(starting from v2.20)

Anti-StopLoss reduce size and coefficient.

If enabled, SL for each next anti-martingale order in the series will be reduced by specified reduce size. This size will be also multiplied by reduce coefficient for each next stage too.

For example, with Anti-StopLoss = 50, reduce size = 10 and reduce coeff = 1.1 you will have the following series:

  • For the 1st deal SL will be = 50 points
  • For 2 deals: 50 - 10 = 40
  • For 3 deals: 50 - 10*1.1 = 29
  • For 4 deals: 50 - 10 - 101.1 - 101.1*1.1 = 16.9
  • For 5 deals: 50 - 10 - 101.1 - 101.11.1 - = 3.6
  • And so on (-11 for 6 deals, -27.2 for 7 deals)

Anti-StopLoss can’t be less than Min Anti-StopLoss size (points) (what is a “point”?).

For example, if you set Min Anti-StopLoss size = 20, for all deals from the last example, starting from 4th SL will be = 20 (16.9 is less than 20, so will be replaced).

Anti-StopLoss size can be negative.

Anti-StopLoss mode

(starting from v2.20)

Anti-StopLoss mode:

  • From average open price: SL based on weighted average open price of all positions in the series.
  • From last open price: SL based on the open price of the last position in the series.
  • From first open price: SL based on the open price of the first position in the series.

Anti-StopLoss calc mode

(starting from v2.31)

Can be:

Allow TakeProfit for anti-martin trades

(starting from v2.37)

Set true to enable simple TakeProfit for series with anti-martingale trade open.


(starting from v2.56)

New anti-martingale trade can be opened only during the specified ActivePeriods.

Each of 4 Active periods can be set in the Active Periods for signals and filters section.

Allow both Martin and Anti-martin

(starting from v2.32)

Set true to allow martingale deals if any anti-martingale deal is opened and vice versa.