Volatility for all parameters nominated in points

What is a “point” in CommunityPower EA?

Starting from v2.31, you can set Volatility for all parameters nominated in points, as well as limit volatility min and max size:

Then you can set calculation mode for any parameter to Coefficient to Volatility:

In this example, TrailingStop size will be calculated as ATR * 1.5, and Trailing Step will be ATR * 0.1.

You can set “calculation mode” for the following parameters:

  • Pending entry: Distance to order and Cancel after distance
  • StopLoss size
  • TakeProfit size
  • Min profit to close on signal
  • Martingale Step size
  • Anti-martingale Step size
  • Anti-StopLoss size
  • TrailingStop size
  • Trailing Step
  • Start trailing after

Volatility Indicator

Indicator used for the Volatility calculation. Can be one of the following:

  • ATR
  • StDev
  • ATR based on “Close-Open” (high and low prices not used)
  • WATR
  • Volume (don’t use for this block!)

TimeFrame and Period

TimeFrame and Period of volatility indicator

Min and Max volatility to use (points)

Indicator value will be limited by these Min and Max values defined in points (what is a “point”?).

For example, if current StDev value is 0.00203 (20.3 points for EURUSD), and you set Min volatility to use = 25, EA will use 25 points as volatility size (and TrailingStop with coefficient to volatility = 1.5 will be 25 * 1.5 = 37.5 points (not 20.3 * 1.5 = 30.45).

Set 0 to disable the limit.

Fix volatility on 1st position open

(starting from v2.50)

Set true to use the same volatility over the lifetime of the series.

Set false to refresh volatility every bar.